A Quick Checklist For Your Liquor Permit

One quick glance at the long checklist for a TABC permit reveals how complex it can be to obtain one of these licenses. It’s not a walk in the park. You’ll be asked to complete a lot of documentation and you’ll have to meet very specific requirements in order to obtain your permit. That said, it’s not impossible. There are many organizations today that devote themselves entirely to helping business owners obtain their permit to sell alcohol.

Perhaps the first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of permit you’re going to need. Alcohol is a common product in many different types of business, but not every business uses alcohol as a product in the same way. For example, some businesses SELL alcohol but they don’t allow their customers to consume alcohol on their grounds. Other businesses allow consumption on their grounds, but they don’t sell alcohol that will go out the door with customers.

Alcohol is a lucrative product in the United States. It flies off the shelves of grocery stores and liquor stores and is an important part of the social clubs that are scattered throughout every town. Businesses often depend on alcohol for a large part of their bottom line sales. If you want to make alcohol a permanent part of your business, you’ll need to determine how to best obtain the permit to sell alcohol. And this begins with deciding whether or not you want to sell alcohol AND allow people to consume it on your grounds (Such as a liquor store with a bar area), just sell it (such as a liquor store), or just allow people to consume alcohol on your grounds (such as a hotel bar). That’s a big checklist to consider before going through with your paperwork.

Perhaps the smartest and fastest way to obtain your liquor license is to let a company who works on this sort of legal paperwork take over completely. It means you’re not going to have to do any of the busywork or second guess yourself about whether or not you’re following the regulations laid out by your permit. Keep in mind that if you misuse your license or don’t follow regulations, you can be accountable not just by losing your license but by having charges filed against you. It’s very important to get this right.

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